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TelecommutingPros is a Software Consulting Company of experienced, passionate and committed IT professionals brought together for providing telecommute software consulting, development, designing and testing services for direct customers and business owners.

TelecommutingPros is an alliance of independent IT contractors offering a wide range of software consultancy services for both corporate and consumer markets and rendering of robust and flexible software development solutions. Our specialists possess proven competence in various technologies and strong skills in a wide range of IT areas which gives an opportunity for our customers to engage a real guru focused on client’s individual needs.

TelecommutingPros provides quick access to each professional whose qualification, knowledge and technical background match your requirements, an ability to assess the contractor’s level of expertise and decide if a contractor would be really good for specific project as well as discuss the project details and share technical ideas on the best ways of its implementation.

The customers enjoy the benefits they get with TelecommutingPros:

  • The access to the comprehensive IT consultants proficient in a full cycle of software development: analysis, design, coding, testing and support which allows to wrap a full range of software services within one company which reduces costs and time of the project development;
  • An opportunity to select the best IT minds among a variety of candidates;
  • An opportunity to engage really strong specialists to become a part of the team at cost effective rates without agencies and third parties presence;
  • An opportunity to have full control over telecommuting employee work and ensure high quality of the final results.

TelecommutingPros is a team of sophisticated IT consultants with strong proficiency in delivering and implementing complex, innovative and challenging solutions and capable to solve the most difficult issues our clients face giving excellent assistant in software consultancy and development.

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