Valeriy Y

General Qualifications

  • Over 4 years experience in web development, 2 of them on offshore outsourcing projects.
  • Expert in DHTML and AJAX; OOP in PHP5, OOP in JavaScript, DOM, AJAX. Database connectivity, ADO, SQL engines; XML-technologies.
  • Used PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Symfony, Prado, XCore; JS-library: prototype.js; Drupal CMS.
  • Rapid learning


1997 - 2002, MS of Design and Architecture, at Kharkiv National University of Civil Construction, Design, and Architecture.

Technical Summary

Hardware: IBM PC Compatibles; Intel x86, AMD platform.
Operation Systems: MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003, Unix-like.
Programming languages: PHP, SQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, XSL, XML, WML.
Linux shell scripting, Windows Script Host
Database: MySQL, MS Access,PostgreSQL.
Tools and technologies: OOP, DOM, ADO, AJAX, SQL engines; DHTML, XML-technologies.
Frameworks / CMS: Cake PHP, Symfony, Drupal, jQuery, prototype, jQuery.UI, Drupal CMS.

Professional Experience

Sept/2002 - presented Company A

Senior Software Developer


Project A
Description: Web 2.0 project. Jewelery shops network system with automatically inventory building tools, filtering tools, search tools, IM tools and API for third party sites.
Technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, Cake PHP, AJAX, JavaScript.

Project B
Description: Development of a social network site.
Technologies used: Symfony framework based PHP, MySQL, Ajax.

Project C
Description: Development of a service system symfony 1.1 framework based
Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, Symfony 1.1, Javascript, Ajax, HTML/DHTML, CSS, XML, Apache

Project D
Description: Development of a community system.
Technologies used: PHP,MySQL, Drupal, Javascript, Ajax, HTML/DHTML, CSS, XML, Apache

Middle Software Developer

Project E
Demo version of the project:
login: demo
password: demo
This project is symbiosis of social network with power media content sharing and e-market place. Social network in the project is system of power media content publishing / browsing with thematic content collections in different media channels. Market place allows for registered user to create a lot of e-shops, to customize their design, to publish goods, to create own personal goods catalog, to provide on-line communication/support for buyers.
Techonologies used: Linux/Apache/PHP5/Mysql5, AJAX/Javascript, XML, ImageMagick, frameworks: PRADO, Prototype,

Project F
Description: Development of a community system.
Technologies used: PHP5, MySQL, Cake PHP, AJAX, JavaScript.

Project G
Description: Shan is a web 2.0 publishing platform for audio and visuals (AV) content of any type.

Key features and functionalities include:

  1. Mobile cross-over functions - the content and associated applications can run on PCs as well as on mobile devices.
  2. A state-of-the-art repository - Shan serves as "Storeroom" for AVs.
  3. Leverage on author and audience communities for generating revenues through multi-channels.
  4. AVs can be sold directly to end users or derivatives of those AVs such as customized merchandise and other associated services.


Jun/2000 - August/2002 - Company B

Developing of intranet system for internal use of australian health care company.
Technologies used:

  1. FreeBSD, PHP4, PostgreSQL, DHTML: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  2. Win, php4, MS SQL 2000, DHTML: HTML, JavaScript, CSS

English Skills

Read and write with dictionary, technical inclusive.

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