At TelecommutingPros we are offering to review the resumes of our contractors and search for competent software developers, test engineers, designers, SEO specialists who have over 5-10 years of experience in design and technical programming and possess hands on experience in creating various large scale and scalable solutions, including e-Commerce, e-Communities, e-Media and other web apps, business process automation software (Logistics, CRM, CMS, B2B, B2C), navigation and GIS systems, business GUI applications, multimedia applications and games, desktop, embedded, mobile apps and etc.

The resumes of TelecommutingPros consultants present detailed information on general qualifications, education, technical background, certificates, awards, working experience, positions occupied in previous places of work, detailed description of projects completed, used tools and technologies, URLs, responsibilities in each project, the names of the customers and their feedbacks and etc.

Please review the resumes of TelecommutingPros IT contractors and find the best resources to join your team and work at project creation.

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